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An 1880s Italianate Home in Albany, Oregon
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In August 2003, we purchased the N. H. Allen house located at 208 SE 6th Avenue in the historic Hackleman District of Albany, Oregon.  The house was built around 1880. The original owner, N. H. Allen, owned a lumber mill and later a mercantile store. He also organized the Albany Electric & Telephone Company in 1886, and his was the first house in Albany to have electric lights.

The upper-left image was drawn by Ross Parkerson in 2005. The upper-right image shown comes from a promotional flier about Albany, Oregon published in 1889. It is the earliest image we have of the property. The image to the right shows how the home looked in 2007 when we had just begun a major landscaping project.

Overall, our goal is to restore the home carefully, respecting its history while improving its livability.

We hope you enjoy the site ... you might want to check back occasionally. As we restore the home, we intend to keep this site up to date and list the changes on the Allen House What's New? page.

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Dave and Barbara Sullivan in 2002 (while visiting friends in Seattle)


The Allen-House.Com,, and websites are maintained by Dave and Barbara Sullivan who live in the N. H. Allen House at 208 6th Avenue SE, Albany, Oregon. Our home phone is 541-924-5983.