An 1880s Italianate Home in Albany, Oregon
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Improving the lighting

Click on the thumbnail images to see before and after pictures of the lighting.

Before After Comments


Barb ordered some white ceiling medallions and this shows them partly painted. The "before" image of flowers comes from February 28, 2004 when flowers were blooming while Barb was painting.
The bedroom wall initially had bright green paint and electrical outlets without covers. Barb painted the walls white and hung wallpaper before we moved. Then we purchased antique wall sconces on eBay.

Before (left): The living room had a bare bulb hanging from the open electrical boxes.

Top: We bought a reproduction fixture from Home Depot that we like better. We also installed a bezel on the ceiling lighting can.

Below: We painted the room and installed a ceiling medallion that Barb bought on eBay and carefully painted. Evidently the gold paint had to be done at least three times to get it to cover properly.

Before (left): The upstairs hallway looked bare without a ceiling lamp -- all it had was an uncovered electrical outlet box. Evidently the prior owners liked the fixture at that location, and they walked off with it prior to letting the house be repossessed.

Full disclosure (in July 2008): Several years after writing the preceding paragraph, I received an email from Vicki Yeske, (the most recent prior owner who lost the house to a bank repossession), and she wrote:

"This was my light and yes I took it, but not because of the house being repossessed. I am enjoying it now."

Top: We bought an authentic pendant lamp from Hippo Hardware in Portland.

Below: We painted the stairways and installed a skylight. You can learn more about the skylight on the Allen house roofing page.

Upstairs hallway, Part 1: Anyone for cherubs? We weren't. So we replaced them with new shades from Hippo Hardware.
Upstairs hallway, Part 2: Barb didn't like the original fixtures, so she bought new replacements online. We've also repainted, so the setting looks different. Dave never agreed the change to brand new hallway light fixtures was an improvement for this historic house.
Yet another bare bulb in the walk-in closet. We replaced it with a reproduction fixture from Home Depot.
We didn't need to change the original chandelier in the upstairs bathroom.
We didn't need to change the original chandelier in the downstairs parlor.
We didn't need to change the original chandelier in the master bedroom.
We did not change the entryway light fixture, but we repainted the entryway, added wallpaper, and put up moldings with rosettes.

This ceiling fan had to go, so Barb found a suitable replacement at
Opinions differ about the kitchen light. Dave likes it; Barbara thinks it needs to go. Please tell us your opinion.


This 9-way floor light was salvaged from the Sullivan family beach cabin after the lamp shade became so tattered that people wanted to throw it out. We bought a new shade at Hippo Hardware and don't have a before photo.


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