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An 1880s Italianate Home in Albany, Oregon
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What's New in the Allen House Website?

If you are a repeat visitor, you shouldn't have to examine the whole website just to figure out what things have changed. So here is a list of the changes we've made.

April 2009: Added a bunch of photos and descriptions to the Kitchen portion of the Rooms page.

July 2008: Updated and expanded renamed the 1966 and 2003 page to become the Prior Owners page.

August 2007: Updated the home page with a new upper-right logo. Continued revising the Garage page. Change the Fence page to become a Landscaping page

July 2007: Significantly updated the Garage page ... added pictures of the master bedroom to the Rooms page ... added captions and photos to the Basement page.

May 12, 2006: Created a Garage page and inserted the garage plans.

February, 2006: Added pictures to the Allen basement page, but I haven't written captions yet.

November 27, 2005: A thorough website make-over in terms of appearance. The site is also now hosted at a different location ... it is now hosted inside the www.sulliskah.com domain.

December 24, 2004:

August 6, 2004:

August 2, 2004:

May 31, 2004:

March 29, 2004:

March 27, 2004:

March 13, 2004:

January 10, 2004:

December 22, 2003:

  • Built an animated GIF to show off the Christmas lights for the site's home page.

December 10, 2003:

November 1, 2003:

October 30, 2003:

October 18, 2003:

October 12, 2003

October 9, 2003

October 6, 2003

September 28, 2003:

  •  Added a picture of Dave and Barbara to the Home page.
  • Updated the Roofing page.
  • Created the Furniture page.
  •  Updated the Cresting page.
  •  Added consistent headers and footers to pages in the website
  •  Added a Guest Log page so you can now give us comments about the house.
  •  Added a page hit counter to the website.

September 24, 2003:

  • Updated the Home page to reflect the fact that we have moved.
  • Updated the Roofing page.
  • Created the Lighting page.


The Allen-House.Com, RoyalHouse1873.com, and Sullishak.com websites are maintained by Dave and Barbara Sullivan who live in the N. H. Allen House at 208 6th Avenue SE, Albany, Oregon. Our home phone is 541-924-5983.